Contest Prize Details

DescriptionAverage Speed
SponsorNational Geographic
Trip Result7.24 mph
WinnerRobert M. M.
Winning Entry8 mph
Entry Deadline9/18/2006 11:00:00 PM
Prize DescriptionNational Geographic TOPO! Software
Prize DetailsThe winner of this category will receive a copy of National Geographic's TOPO! trip planning software for three different states.

Valued at $100 per state, each state consists of many CD's. We used this software to actually plan the route for the entire Expedition.

Great stuff for off-roading adventures into the unknown.

Thanks, National G! We'd be lost without you.
  1. National Geographic TOPO! software says the plotted route is 3,332.99 miles. That's 158.71 miles per day for 21 straight days.

  2. They expect to drive 8 hours per day.

  3. Using those numbers, they would average 19.83875 miles per hour.

  4. The Land Cruiser's top speed is 90mph.

  5. Hanley used to sell Porsches and has talked his way out of more tickets than is humanly possible.

  6. Brent once acquired a moving violation for going 94 in a 70 and couldn't talk his way out of a being late to school.

  7. Brent was an assistant in LA and Demi Moore actually knew his name. That has nothing to do with this Expedition, but it's fun anyway.

  8. Both Hanley and Brent are fans of the Gumball 3000.

RulesTotal time will be determined by calculating the difference in each successive GPS coordinate's time stamp as recorded by their on-board DeLorme Earthmate.

This means that the only time included in the calculation will be the time they are actually moving. (Successive identical GPS coordinates will be removed from the calculation.) Total miles for the trip will be determined by calculating the distance between each pair of successive GPS coordinates.

All logging starts in Glacier National Park and ends in Antelope Wells, NM at the Mexican border. The result of that division will be the average speed.

Average speed will be calculated to 6 places to the right of the decimal.
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