Expedition Team & Advisory Board

Expedition Cure relies heavily upon the guidance and support of community and industry professionals who help us to define and execute our goals.

Naturally raising concerns for our safety and sanity, these few brave and caring souls are doing everything in their power to help steer us away from the inevitable, all while staying at a pole's length from any legal liability.

They truly are amazing creatures.   Many thanks to them all.

Hanley Noel: Driver (24), the oldest of 5 brothers, originally from Indianapolis, Indiana is a member of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association and the Hoosier Cruisers.

After graduating in 2000 from Park Tudor School and Indiana University in the class of 2004, Hanley went on to work as a sales associate of Tom Wood Porsche.  He is now working in Chicago with Patagonia while bringing Expedition Cure to reality.

Never one to shy from adventure or an unattended rope swing, Hanley is geared up for what should be the expedition of a lifetime.

Brent Hatherill: Navigator (25), Tread Lightly! Trainer, originally from Houston, Texas grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana graduating from Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in 2000 and Indiana University in the class of 2004.

Afterwards Brent traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia to pursue a career in film, working in production before moving to Los Angeles, California and joining the talent management firm Untitled Entertainment.

Now returning to the Midwest, Brent's cell phone bill has mysteriously disappeared as he and Hanley have setup headquarters in Chicago preparing for Expedition Cure.

Rob Graves: Driving Instructor (40) sold Land Rovers for Tom Wood Land Rover of Indianapolis for 10 years and now sells Porsches and Audis for Tom Wood Porsche in Indianapolis.

Rob has held both Porsche and BMW Clubs of North America licenses since 1995 and has been a driving instructor for both clubs since 1995.

Rob has not only trained them how to drive under these conditions, he's agreed to run behind the vehicle the entire way with a bullhorn giving instructions.

Charley Hudak: Event Planner (30) has travelled Europe at length. He skied the Alps, motorbiked the coast of Portugal, hiked the Pyrenees, drank espressos in Italy, Sangria in Spain and Absinthe (that explains a lot) in the Czech Republic.

Charley also climbed in Hungary, fished in England and kayaked off the coast of Ireland. After a brief internship for IBM, the outdoors and his thirst for travel came calling. He packed up, moved to South Carolina and began working as a Kayak Instructor on the barrier islands of the low country.

Next, he moved to Guatemala to learn Spanish stationed himself in the Western Highlands, but visited every Central American country except Panama.

If he was any better looking he'd start a boy band, but for now he's doing event planning for Hanley and Brent. 

Jim Klubens: Vehicle Adaptation Engineer (38) works as an efficiency engineer for a major shock absorber manufacturer in Franklin, IN. 

After finishing a tour of duty in the Persian Gulf 1.0, Jim found himself fixing up cars to race while continuing his active duty in Japan.

This self proclaimed Vehicle Adaptation Engineer is currently performing all maintenance items for the Expedition Cure's FZJ80 Landcruiser, 'cause we all know Hanley needs instruction on changing out light bulbs, fixing a flat tire and knowing the difference between righty tighty, lefty loosey.

William H. Noel: Minister of Propaganda (52) is in charge of all information systems.  That doesn't mean he can make any of them work.

At one time he was actually using punch cards to write programs.  Rumor has it he still does.

A small army of sponsors, helpers, well wishers and helpful web programming tutorials chipped in to make this website work.

He can be reached, but not in person.  And not during the day.  And not if there's a full moon.  Or a carnival in town.

Mark Sampson: Route Coordinator (55), of Mt. Vernon, Illinois is a motorcycle adventure traveler who has always pursued "The Road Less Traveled"... throughout the United States and Mexico.  Mark ventures to where few have tread, going beyond the reach of the local gas station or comfy accommodation.

Although riding on two wheels for over 30 years he's yet to lose his appreciation for the beautiful sights, scenery and personalities he continues to encounter along the way.

Mark has been doing it for so long, he's become slightly bow legged and is unable to get his helmet off - as seen in this photograph.

Neal Brown: Bio-Unit Fuel Consultant (35)
1996-1998- Working as a seedy line cook in some of Indy’s best greasy spoons.
1998-1999- Antonio Davis’ personal chef until he was traded by an obviously delusional Donny Walsh to Toronto.  Antonio, that is.
1999-2000- Tavola di Tosa where he learned to hate Italian food.
2000-2004- H2O Sushi where he learned how to kill fish and chop them up. Amazingly, also learned that people really like to watch the whole process.
2004-2005- Brugge Brasserie where he sweated out 47.9 lbs. of water weight in one day, eat your heart out Lance Armstrong.
2006- L’explorateur, Partner/Chef - The most expensive pet he's ever owned.

The newest kid on the block of fine dining restuarants in Indianapolis, he specializes in innovative, eclectic foods from around the world.

And he has Hanley convinced that moose scat is edible.

Kristen Nunery and Casey Kruse: Expedition Cure Street Team
Kristen of Northern Arizona University and Casey of DePauw University both hail from Indianapolis and make up Expedition Cure's street team.

These ladies have combined years of experience and dedication to making the Indy social scene their own. The fortunes spent on local bar staff, attention to social dynamics, mastering of beer pong, and no excuse dedication to perfecting their art have brought them to where they are today - extracting donations from unsuspecting strangers for a great cause.

And no, we're not giving out their email addresses.
Lance Davis: Legal Defense (52)
joins Expedition Cure as Legal Defense Advisor after mounting concerns for what he believes to be a nearly impossible timeline for hitting Mexico in 21 days, legally that is.

Lance is owner and creator of Camp Lance,  a Missouri-based impromptu "driver mud obstacle" training site.

He is shown here demonstrating the "bear-by-the-testicles" pose that has worked so well for him in the courtrooom.

Without Lance we'd have to keep going.

Janet R. Wakefield: Fund Raising Advisor (54) is co-founder and co-director of Community Partnerships with Youth, a national training and resource development organization.

Janet also directs “the Journey” renewal fellowship, an exciting new program for current and prospective youth workers in Indiana exploring meaning and renewal in the field of youth work.

Janet is an experienced facilitator, trainer and consultant. She holds an M.A. in Executive Development and Adult Education from Ball State University and a B.A. in Social Work from Indiana University.

She brings fund raising expertise to the team.  How she got mixed up with these two is anybody's guess.