Donate To Win Contest

** Note **

The contest has ended and the winning entries have been determined. 

Please click on Details in the list below to see the winners and their entries for each category.

To see how your entries compared to the winning entries, visit My Contest Entries.

Thanks to all the sponsors and contestants who participated!

The Donate To Win contest allows you to make a donation to the Expedition and enter a contest to win one
of the fabulous prizes contributed by our contest sponsors.  It's easy and fun!   Hate directions?  Click on Donate To Win to get started.

About The Contest

The contest consists of multiple categories, each pertaining to an outcome of the Expedition.  Each category has a prize associated with it.  The categories and prizes are listed below.

DetailsActual Arrival Date & TimeFive Day Canadian Fishing Vacation for 4 People
DetailsAverage Miles Per GallonStorm Case iM 2750
DetailsTotal Fuel CostPesky Heater Hose / Firewall Hose Kit
DetailsTotal Vehicle WeightOne Year Subscription to 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine
DetailsTotal Fuel ConsumedStaun Tire Deflators
DetailsTotal MileageHi-Lift Jack
DetailsAverage SpeedNational Geographic TOPO! Software

Your job is to estimate, as closely as possible, what an outcome will be.  Each estimate you make is a contest entry.  You are allowed to make multiple entries depending on the size of your donation.

At the end of the trip the entry closest to the actual result for each category will win the prize for that category.  If there are two matching entries for a single category, the earliest one posted wins.

How To Enter

Creating your entry with your estimate is easy and fun.  In a few simple steps we'll guide you through the process.  We'll even give you hints along the way.

You may base your entry on experience, science or a Ouija board.  You could ask your neighbors, talk it up on Internet forums or (gasp) even do some math.

OK, then.  Good luck.  Now click the Donate to Win button to get started.    HyperLink