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DescriptionAverage Miles Per Gallon
SponsorStorm Case
Trip Result8.71 mpg
Winnerb cox
Winning Entry8 mpg
Entry Deadline9/18/2006 11:00:00 PM
Prize DescriptionStorm Case iM 2750
Prize DetailsThe winner of this category will receive one Storm Case iM 2750.

This is a fantastic case for protecting your valuable cargo. Too bad you can't keep your kidneys in them during your off-road adventures.

Long after you're all dinged up, whatever's in your Storm Case iM 2750 will be in perfect shape.
  1. The Expedition Cure vehicle has been getting approximately 8 miles per gallon on the highway on the way out west.

  2. The tires are Goodyear 315/75 16's.

  3. The axles have not been regeared.

  4. 87 octane will be used when possible.

  5. Tire inflation will be affected by off roading vs highway. Thanks to Staum Tire Deflators and with Tread Lightly rules in effect, offroad tire pressure will be approximately 16psi and paved road will be approximately 32psi.

  6. The ratio of paved to unpaved surface on this route has not been calculated. Frankly we hope not to see too much pavement.

RulesTotal miles for the trip will be determined by calculating the difference between each pair of successive GPS coordinates logged by the Expedition, starting in Glacier National Park and ending in Antelope Wells, NM at the Mexican border.

Total fuel consumption, in gallons, will be summed from the fuel receipts during the Expedition.

The vehicle will be fueled prior to departure and that fuel will not be included in the calculations. It will be refueled in Antelope Wells, NM and that fuel will be included in the calculations.

Total miles will be divided by total fuel consumed to yield the average miles per gallon result.

In the case of repeating decimals, the result will be rounded at 6 decimal places to the right of the decimal point.
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