Special thanks to our 33 fabulous sponsors

To say that this effort would not be possible without them is an huge understatement.  Their response has been overwhelming and they have been fabulous to work with. 

Please support these great people by visiting their sites and buying their products.  Lots and lots of their products.

Thanks, everyone!

Outback Off Road Gear is implementing all vehicle modifications, including: custom building all armor (front bumper, rear bumper, sliders, roof rack, undercarriage protection).

Special thanks to Carl who was last seen climbing trees in his 4Runner.

Outback Off Road Gear is locatated in Greenwood, IN (a suburb of Indianapolis) and can be contacted at: 317-215-5082.

HyperLink Thanks to the generosity of Goodyear, Expedition Cure will be riding on Wrangler MTR's the whole way.

We were going to ask them to ride the whole way in the blimp but that's a little too off-road.

National Geographic just added Expedition Cure to the list of expeditions they've been sponsoring since 1888.  We're honored even if we're not going all the way to Antarctica.

This really adds to the pressure as we don't want to be the only National Geographic expedition that was never heard from again.

HyperLink Since 1855 Miller has set out to make original, distinctive beer and that tradition remains true to this day at Miller Lite.

This beer is so light they dropped the "GH" simply because it was too heavy.

Miller Lite has graciously agreed to host all the Expedition Cure launch parties.   They know party animals when they see them.

Engineered to meet the demands of doing business on the road or in the office, Panasonic's Toughbooks are designed using specified testing procedures and are put through stringent environmental challenges.

These units are resistant to everything - spills, vibration, dust, shock, idiots like us.

Our Toughbook is running all our GPS tracking software.  Without Panasonic we'd be lost… literally.

Panasonic Toughbooks
HyperLink RCH Designs is responsible for all those fabulous vehicle graphics you see on our equipment page.

Truly a great way to showcase a vehicle.

We thank you and our sponsors thank you.

Special thanks to IQuest Internet for hosting this site and for all their help with our web needs.

All the bandwidth, knowledge and experience you could ever need and service is so good it's ridiculous.

It's done, we've sworn our allegiance and have been newly knighted within the Monster Army.

The Monster Army is made up of only the most dedicated athletes, bands, celebrities and brands.

From the hero to the elite amateur to the grom, the Army represents the Monster Energy brand all over the world.


Freedom to go - anywhere, anytime - is the single best reason to own an AutoHome™ roof top tent.  That's right.  A tent on the roof

For people who enjoy the outdoor world - and are afraid of gila monsters - AutoHome offers the highest quality shelters, crafted in Europe, and proven for decades in use world-wide.

 HyperLink These guys operate the coolest Internet cafe and game center in the Midwest.  Parties, tournaments and good old incredibly high speed Internet access.

They developed this entire web site from scratch.

Contact them at: bill@netheads.com

Chaudiere Lodge is the only Five-Star lodge on the Upper French River.  Fourteen cottages set in a seventeen acre resort, Chaudiere Lodge was awarded the RCI Resort of International Distinction 2000 through 2005 and received the Silver Crown Resort designation in 2005.

With Northern Pike, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Walleye and Muskie so big they eat baby ducks, this isn't fishing off a bridge.

Chaudiere Lodge has graciously contributed an incredible 5 day vacation package for 4 persons to our Donate to Win contest.


HyperLink A combination of performance, durability, lower power consumption, and consistent reliability has made Engel the world's premier brand of mobile refrigeration.

The Engel 'swing' compressor is considered the most reliable compressor on the market today – it only has one moving part!

Cold beers, fresh fish.  Oh, yeah.

Indy Powder Coating serves the most prestigious racing teams as well as discriminating individuals.  That would be us. 

They offer a wide range of colors from mild to wild, as well as custom color matching and sand blasting.

So, if you have one part or hundreds of parts, let Indy Powder Coating take care of your coating needs.

HyperLink Storm Case provides an endless array of customizable uses for storing anything from valuable equipment to pictures of Mom - and those better be in perfect condition when you come home, mister.

As a division of Hardigg, Storm Case corners the market for electronics, aerospace, video broadcast, chemical, marine, law enforcement, recreation, fire, and military storing applications. 

Bear proof.  We like it.  Mom's like it. 

The Bloomfield Manufacturing Company prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality products, no matter what the use.

From the time-tested Hi-Lift Jack and accessory lines, to the Kant-Slam, Post-Popper, and Slide-N-Lock, users can be assured the highest quality of equipment at a reasonable price.

HyperLink When our original sign sponsor couldn't get the work done, Mike stepped up and responded by doing all the work for all the sponsors on the entire truck on twenty four hours notice.

Nice save, Mike!


Proxito provides free text messaging services that allow local consumers to find merchants in a variety of innovative ways.

Proxito is providing text message updates for Expedition Cure. You can sign up to receive real time text messages from us Contact Us page.

If you get one that starts out "We're lost..." try to be kind when you hit "reply".
Scepter designs and manufactures unique molded plastic products to meet the needs of their wide customer base around the globe.

Steeped in a tradition of innovation and maximizing performance, Scepter introduced the first plastic jerry cans to the North American market.

Scepter is providing all fuel and water jerry cans for the expedition.

An incredibly high traffic web forum exclusively for Land Cruisers, IH8MUD.COM has agreed to help us reach thousands of off-road enthusiasts with advertising and promotional help.

HyperLink A.E.D. Motorsport Products, LTD. is graciously providing the steel for Carl to weld on the vehicle.

You could say they're men of steel, but there's more to them than that.  They're aluminum,  brass (we won't say which part is brass), titanium and a full list of high performance metals.

As the choice of outdoor professionals worldwide, Adventure Medical Kits has dedicated itself to the production of First-Aid Kits and information materials.

When we heard Dr. Eric A. Weiss, M.D., a medical officer and expedition physician of the National Geographic Society was running the show, we knew we'd found the right company.

Lets just hope we don't have to experience first hand how comprehensive their products truly are.
 HyperLink OK, we like to eat.  And we like to eat really, really well. 

le' Explorateur is a fine French restaurant in Indianapolis, IN.

Owner, Neil Brown, has developed a trail menu so that we don’t end up eating bugs.

At least not on purpose.

Make a reservation at www.dinelex.com.
Winchline.com specializes in high quality off-road recovery gear. As a division of Gourock Inc., these guys have been manufacturing everything from ropes and netting to sails since 1736.  Right, that's before the Revolution.

If anyone has a shot at pulling us out of the kind of trouble we're bound for, it's these guys.

Toyota Territory Off-Roaders Association has been bringing together all walks of off-roading minds and rigs since 1999 and growing ever since.

Their site is a wealth of information; find your local chapter and check them out.

Leave it to the guys from Down Under to come through in a pinch.

Staun Products is providing the Expedition with high performance tire deflators.  These will allow our vehicle to move through terrain traditionally reserved for lunar vehicles and leave the smallest environmental impact possible.

We're thinking Expedition Outback next!  And so what if they spell tyre funny.

HyperLink Cruiser Outfitters has been a leader in the fabrication and sales of serious off road and expedition products for more than 15 years.

It's because of these guys that we decided to leave the kitchen sink at home as they have provided a Helton Hot Water Shower for the vehicle. You heard us - hot showers.

As a company created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, their customer service is second to none.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA) is a 4 wheel drive organization which has grown from a handful of people to a vibrant organization of more than 4,000 members world-wide who champion the history and tradition of the Land Cruiser and other Toyota 4WD vehicles.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Association is family-oriented, promotes responsible off-highway travel, and advocates environmentally-conscious multiple use of public lands.


The Pull-Pal, a well-engineered anchoring tool, is both portable and well-suited for a wide range of environments. Intended as a tool for winching through sand and mud, Pull-Pal's design relies on useful rules of physics. Its hefty plow blade sets firmly and safely into sand, clay, mud, hardpan soil and snow.  Pull-Pal gets you up and over hill stalls and minimizes dangerous situations. 

Why your rig is serving as a home for a family of beavers in the Chickahominy River however, is your own problem. 


Samco Sport is graciously contributing Silicone hose kits with Breeze Constant Torque Clamps which provide a  permanent solution and far superior protection for your cooling needs.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Samco Sport has been supplying the top racing and rallying motorsport teams with time tested Performance Automotive Silicone hoses.

At least someone on board has an idea of where we're going.

DeLorme - who dates back to the 1970's - has been a frontrunner for global positioning and pioneering laptop GPS solutions available to the everyday consumer.

Thanks to DeLorme we'll be outfitted with an Earthmate GPS LT-20 receiver. Now we really are out of excuses for getting lost, so long as we don't lock the keys in the truck.

If you're one of the few unfortunate souls who've never witnessed a 40% Steve show then you may not be familiar with the term "rocking out".  Fear not, your lifeline has arrived.

40% Steve, hailing from Indiana University will be covering their own spin of classic and new age rock at Expedition Cure's Launch Party August 17th outside Net Heads in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Come witness for yourself what the Indiana Daily Student voted "Best Band 2005".

Fists will be pumped, faces will be melted.  Dont' miss this party.

As the #1 rated bear spray, Counter Assault is used by wildlife specialists and law enforcement all over the world.

Produced from a research study at the University of Montana including bear biologists, wildlife management specialists and University of Michigan offensive line.

Carefully listening to wildlife experts, outfitters, and quarterbacks involved in bear encounters, Counter Assault has refined and honed their product for the past 18 years.

Just try and get our picnic basket now, Yogi.

O'Brien Toyota is part of the O'Brien Automotive Family, a fourth generation family business with a long automotive history serving central Indiana since 1933.

Visit O'Brien Toyota, Indy's 9-time President's Award winner for customer satisfaction. O'Brien Toyota always offers a great selection of new Toyota vehicles and certified used vehicles at very competitive prices.