Contest Prize Details

DescriptionTotal Fuel Consumed
SponsorStaun Products
Trip Result377.20 gallons
Winnerjk lubens
Winning Entry337 gallons
Entry Deadline9/18/2006 11:00:00 PM
Prize DescriptionStaun Tire Deflators
Prize DetailsThe winner in the Total Fuel Consumed category will receive a set of four Staun Tire Deflators.

These are the ultimate off roading accessory!
  1. National Geographic TOPO! software says the plotted route is 3,332.99 miles.

  2. The Expedition Cure vehicle has been getting approximately 8 miles per gallon on the highway on the way out west.

  3. At 8 miles per gallon, this is 416.62375 gallons.

  4. The tires are Goodyear 315/75 16's.

  5. The axles have not been regeared.

  6. The Expedition Cure vehicle burns 87 octane.
RulesTotal fuel consumed will be calculated from the fuel receipts collected along the way.

The tanks will be filled just prior to departure in Glacier National Park. This fuel will not be included in the calculations.

The tanks will be refilled in Antelope Wells, NM and this fuel will be included in the calculations.
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