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DescriptionTotal Fuel Cost
Trip Result$1,116.07
Winnerjk lubens
Winning Entry$1,200.00
Entry Deadline9/18/2006 11:00:00 PM
Prize DescriptionPesky Heater Hose / Firewall Hose Kit
Prize DetailsThis category offers two prizes in one, both from Silicone.

The winner will receive one Pesky Heater Hose - the solution to the notorious 80 Series Land Cruiser hose problem.

In addition, the winner will also receive one Firewall Hose Kit - a high quality hose that will keep you out of cooling trouble.

Who needs another warped head? Not us!

HintsAccording to AAA Fuel Reports gas costs for each state are as follows (per gallon):
  1. Montana - $3.135
  2. Idaho - $3.021
  3. Wyoming - $3.022
  4. Colorado - $3.037
  5. New Mexico - $3.038

  6. The Expedition Cure vehicle burns 87 octane.

  7. The vehicle gets roughly 8 miles per gallon.

  8. There are no CostCo's for cheap gas along the way.

  9. Trip length is 3,332.99 miles. At 8 miles per gallon, this is 416.62375 gallons.

  10. At $3.03 per gallon, this is $1,262.37.
Will they be over? Under? Will fuel prices rise? Or fall? Which state has the most miles?
RulesThe vehicle will be filled prior to the start of the Expedition in Glacier National Park and this receipt will not be included in the total.

The tank will then be filled again on arrival in Antelope Wells, New Mexico and this receipt will be included in the total.

Total fuel costs will be calculated from summing the gasoline purchase receipts.

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