Contest Prize Details

DescriptionTotal Mileage
SponsorBloomfield Manufacturing Company
Trip Result3,286
Winning Entry3,541.2
Entry Deadline9/18/2006 11:00:00 PM
Prize DescriptionHi-Lift Jack
Prize DetailsThe winner in the category will receive a great 48" Hi-Lift jack.

Stop using cinder blocks and 2X4's! You need a jack specially made for off-roading.
  1. National Geographic TOPO! software says the plotted route is 3,332.99 miles.

  2. This plotted route is untested and trail status (closed, washed out, snowed in) could affect total mileage.

  3. GPS unit notwithstanding, both of these guys have been known to wander into the ladies room in a dark pub by mistake, so getting lost could be a factor.

  4. Since the mileage is calculated from GPS coordinates, backing up will add mileage, not subtract it.

  5. Likewise, spinning their tires will not add mileage as it will on the odometer.

RulesTotal miles for the trip will be determined by calculating the difference between each pair of successive GPS coordinates logged by the Expedition, starting in Glacier National Park and ending in Antelope Wells, NM at the Mexican border.

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