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DescriptionTotal Vehicle Weight
Sponsor4WD Toyota Owner Magazine
Trip Result7,060 lbs
Winnerjg hays
Winning Entry7,250 lbs
Entry Deadline9/18/2006 11:00:00 PM
Prize DescriptionOne Year Subscription to 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine
Prize DetailsThe winner of this category gets a free one year subscription to 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine.

4WD Toyota Owner magazine is devoted to ALL Toyota 4x4 models, from old to new. In every single issue, from cover to cover, we will showcase nothing but Toyotas and Toyota-oriented tech articles and features. Land Cruiser. Tacoma. 4Runner. Tundra. T100. Mini pickup. PreRunner. Prado. Hilux. Rockcrawlers. The FJ Cruiser.
  1. A stock 94 Toyota Land Cruiser weighs about 6,400 pounds with a full tank of gas.

  2. Gas weighs about 7 pounds per gallon and they have 20 additional gallons in jerry cans (courtesy of Scepter). Add another 5 gallons of water at 7.9 pounds per gallon.

  3. They have a freezer, tent, kick butt sound system, computer, utility drawer, compressors and a whole lot of other heavy stuff.

  4. Brent weighs about 150 pounds after an all you can eat pasta contest.

  5. Hanley weighs about 200 pounds and at one time was on the IU Football team. Normally, you would add 50 pounds for that, but he was a kicker, so take away 40 pounds.

RulesThe vehicle will be weighed - with a full complement of fuel - on a commercial scale at the start of the trip.

The receipt from that weighing will be the final number.

Closest number wins the prize.
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