PostedAug-29-2006 11:37 AM
Altitude3,904.19 ft.
HeadlineSeely Lake to Butte
Entry We break camp and make our way through the Helena and Deerlodge National Forests knowing we need to make up time and in desparate need to check and workout the kinks in our gps uploader program. With our Minister of Propaganda under a limited time schedule we shoot for Boulder Montana in search of wifi.

Hanley rolls up on a family of locals and is looked at as if he has 5 heads when he asks for wifi spots. Hi-Fi they ask? In true city slicker style, Han is completely unable to understand how they're unfamiliar with wifi and thinks he himself is on another planet.

After checking with the local pizza joint with no luck we drive on to Butte in continued search of wifi salvation. Perkins. Who knew Perkins had wifi? Well they do but after seeing the IP we realize its firewalled and have the Minister make a call to the Finlen Hotel on Butte's north side who said we're welcome to hang out in their lobby to make updates.

We make our way and set up shop in the far corner of the lobby looking like a bomb squad carrying in our series of Storm Cases, glowing external hard drives, and a thousand wires running from the Toughbook. It's a long night.

We continue to have issues breaking through the firewall and realize the source of the problem is the server in Indy. We take the rest of the evening to sort shots, orgainize journals, resize pictures for the web, make forum posts, get completed shots of the truck burnt and ready to go to RCH Designs. It's late and Han falls asleep in the lobby chair so we call it a night.

Earlier we couldn't figure out where to go to sleep in a city. Now we know. Wally World. Is this common knowledge? Oblivious to us you're ENCOURAGED to park your car, RV, ...AutoHome Tent :) in the Wally World parking lot because, as we all know, Wally World has everything and when you're RV'ing, Camping, or taking an expedition for Parkinson's you're going to need supplies. It works, in the morning we can't avoid the convinience.

After stocking up on groceries we're met with a small crowd of RV folk looking cockeyed at the rig and following a sea of questions we return to our pending home away from home, the lobby of the Finlen Hotel. We're thankful the shift has changed and our boy Clay who witnessed our tech squat the previous night isn't there to see our return.

Taking lunch out from the bar across the street we continue with updates and uploads into the evening. Though the process is extremely time consuming and feels even more so when you're running against a clock it comes with the territory when you're wearing so many hats while running the divide.

We sign Pull Pal on board and are ecstatic to have them. What a relief to have one with us traveling as a lone vehicle. We work again into the evening and walk a block down to find a local pizza place called the Broadway Cafe. Butte may not be the most lively of towns, it may not have the best track record for meth use, but Butte knows pizza. Wow. If you're going through Butte and don't have time to sample the Finlen Hotel hospitality definitely make a stop at the Broadway Cafe.

We begin to feel we may be out staying our welcome and figure its best to give something back and what better way to give back then to purchase some beers from the hotel bar. We keep hacking away and Han's nose bleeds like a faucet. See photo. Again we work until late returning to Wally World for an early start to make up lost time.