PostedSep-10-2006 09:52 PM
Altitude10,856.28 ft.
HeadlineT Ride to Ouray and up Black Bear Pass
Entry After jealousy subsides the following morning from the view outside Han's cousin's living room we step around the back of the house to follow our way to Telluride via the grass channels that make up the ski runs during the winter. How we get lost when the only logical way is down is beyond me but we do. Now searching for the gondola we realize how terrible of shape we're actually in. We can't breath and now marching through the Mountain Village Golf Course we try to lay low hiking through the downside of the driving range towards where one of us thought we saw a gondola. That or we're hallucinating from the asphyxiation. We run into a film producer enjoying a cigar on his back porch who points us in the right direction which in this case is down a 30 foot ladder to a path which runs behind his home. Being from New York he'll be watching the football game this evening rooting against the Colts. Since he's planning on rocking out for Blues and Brews we'll resume the feud then.

Finally coming upon the oasis we fly down into Telluride and walk the town for the first time in daylight. I promised I wouldn't speak further about its greatness so I'll spare us for now. We find a sandwich place with wi-fi but it turns out to be slower than the help so we take a walk through town looking like Ghostbusters searching for paranormal activity, holding the open laptop to buildings, pausing and moving on. Briefly giving up we take a walk down to the "Hanley" Ice Rink and I start to become nauseous. This place is quiet, so so quiet. Leaning against the fence the only thing audible is the pickup football game and a faint barking as every other person owns a dog. The outside world ceases to exist and in an odd way its scary and great all at the same time. This really is fantasy land.

Walking back in town through the neighborhoods sitting on the north edge of town we find Baked in Telluride with bandwidth of note and we setup shop. One chocolate milk = 9 hours of free space and internet, the clock starts ticking for how long this is going to work. We begin with updates. Planning on heading out to meet up to run Imogene Pass we get a call from Mark urging us not to come up saying the trails are icing over and they're losing sight of the trail. So much for that idea. Han grabs some groceries and after a long day of hacking on the machine we return to Han's cousin's and checkout the Colts game. Go Horse. I get a chance to meet Davis and after worshiping his place and call on Telluride he familiarizes us with the grill we get the brat action going. Naturally the Colts own house and for the second night we refuse ruining a normal bed and compromise by crashing in the entertainment room. We sleep like rocks.