PostedSep-14-2006 09:52 PM
Altitude5,751.3 ft.
HeadlineRun for the Border
Entry Now back out and bearing South of 40 we've reconnected with the route but when it branches South we hit yet again another closure without having been on the road for a few hours. We're forced to a decision and decide to follow as closely as possible to the route as possible traveling by only marked roads to meet the route back at the 10. With that we're off and more vigorous than ever to reach the border flying through the most remote of towns. Despite New Mexico's baron and desolate demeanour its rare we don't pass a truck every hour or so without a nod or wave. The other spectacle about this place is the overbearing presence of the sky overhead. Though Indiana is near equally as flat I'm sure, the lack of trees and sharp horizon lines open up the sky with sunsets that have blown our minds. In the same way a towering mountain has the ability to feel completely inferior in its presence so does the open nothingness of areas of New Mexico.

We reach the 10 and bear South ready for the moment we're both somehow hoping to avoid and anxious for all at the same time. Between the 10 and the border there is nothing. Nothing. We pass one car heading the opposite direction and a border patrol hiding in an alcove but outside of this its open and unforgiving land until the border. I guess all good things must come to an end however with the expedition being no exception. Barreling towards victory lane we slow down as we spot the small building that makes up the border checkpoint passing signs to watch for poisonous snakes when stepping outside of the car and pull to a stop. We feel like turning around and running it again as the border officers heads begin to cock staring at us through the glass.

After a moment of taking it all in we top off the tank, record all the measurements and sit on the tailgate for a PB&J and some reflection. Though we'd both hoped to find the answers to all life's questions to have been hiding somewhere among the mountains or at least a point of direction from this point on, Brews and Blues would have to do for now. As we slowly get caught up more and more in thought now looking back on such an incredible journey we're snapped back to reality as the border patrol's initially warm personalities begin to grow nervous by our presence and not so subtlety hint for us to be on our way. So much for that. I wonder if returning to the real world will hold a candle to the way we've been living for the past month? On the other hand a real bed, a little AC, and a hot meal doesn't sound all that bad...