Welcome to Expedition Cure!

We decided to combine an extreme off-road challenge with an extreme medical challenge. 

We're going to drive - off road - the entire North American Continental Divide from border to border in 21 days.   That's right, from giant moose to gila monsters, Canada to Mexico - off road!   Completely crazy?  Maybe, but we're raising money to help fight Parkinson's Disease so we set the bar pretty high.

There isn't room for you in our Toyota Land Cruiser but you can come with us.  Using GPS positioning this web site will track our progress each step of the way.  You can get involved by playing our Donate To Win Contest, contributing to TeamFox, supporting our sponsors or just staying in touch though emails and text messaging.

Can two flat-landers from Indiana tackle - off road - the entire Continent al Divide in a Toyota Land Cruiser in 21 days and live to tell about it?

Who knows, but we're going to